Top Level Computing

Top Level computing offer Secure, configurable case management software ideal for unique needs of their customers. With faster, better, online customer service reduces costs of phone enquiries & time managing cases. Along with multi-agency support & customer self service portal, multichannel correspondence & workflow / approvals enable them to join up with government departments to model any business process.

Below, Jane E Roberts the Director of Strategy at Top Level Computing, shared her thoughts on the relationship and services provided by Bramble Accelerator:

Top Level Computing has enjoyed nearly twenty years of steady sales growth by providing excellence in our product and service offerings to UK Public sector customers. Recently however, we found that some of our opportunities were becoming slower to reach fruition than normal and we decided to review the sales methods we used to see why this was happening.

Terry Carr of Bramble Accelerator was engaged to conduct this review and he used some very effective techniques to look into our current business development behaviour; explored our sales process; and made very sound recommendations to improve the areas that required attention.

We were very pleased with the outcome of this process and gained significant insight into unlocking our sales potential. We would heartily recommend using Terry and Bramble Accelerator to anyone needing to boost sales performance.
— Jane E Roberts, Director of Strategy

Skills2Use Ltd

Skills2Use offer an 'App that helps employment candidates market themselves more effectively. They tease and help articulate the candidate's transferable employment skills from Sport, Education, Work Experience, Voluntary. It is fun, visual and produces individual employability evidence. Skills can then be stored, edited , utilised in CV, Personal Profile, LinkedIn, Graduate Yearbook, Interview Question Prep etc. It dramatically improves candidate employment outcomes and Careers Adviser efficiency.

Below, John Johnson the Co-Founder of Skills2Use Ltd, had this to mention about the business and how Bramble Accelerator helped transform their success:

Skills2Use has been using Bramble Accelerator since the early days of our business.

We had a very particular market sector in mind when we originally set out our business plans to market our services but were unsure of how and when to engage with our potential customers as most of them were in the public sector.

By using Bramble Accelerator to redesign our plans, we were able to create a stronger sales and marketing focus and build a pipeline of customers that were ready to buy. We now enjoy a level of success that outstrips our original business plan by a factor of more than 100%.
— John Johnson, Co-Founder

Apperception Services Ltd

Apperception Services Ltd innovate technology to deliver valuable bespoke solutions to their customers. They specialise in developing innovative technology solutions to assist service delivery organisations of all types to be more effective and reach new clients in a range of different ways. They create online connections between providers and clients using emerging systems and infrastructure.

Peter Lyne, Director of Apperception Services Ltd, shows how Bramble Accelerator have helped to guide and progress Apperception:

When we decided to spin out a new company from our main business, Apperception turned to Bramble Accelerator for business advice and guidance. Their deep understanding of the challenges facing SMEs who wish to upscale or grow their business; ranging across funding, management support and business coaching services was invaluable to us.

With their guidance we have embarked upon the next phase of raising the necessary investment to secure the progress and services to date.
— Peter Lyne, Director